Several ways to deploy App in App Engine from Eclipse


Using Pydev Google App Engine Project: [recommended]

  1. Create a new project from Eclipse > File > New > Projects

  2. Choose Pydev Google App Engine Project

  3. When asked for Google App Engine directory locate where it is

  4. Right button to the project >Pydev Google App Engine > manage / upload to upload directly from eclipse

Creating the project Using Pydev project: [Not recommended]

  1. Create a Pydev project from Eclipse > File > New Pydev project

  2. Right click the project. Click Pydev Python Path > Choose external libraries

  3. Locate where the Google App engine folder is

  4. Choose the libraries that you need

  5. Upload the project with Google App Engine Launcher


Java (web application servlet):

  1. Create a web application by File > Other > Web Application project

  2. Select / Unselect Google Web toolkit (Generally unselect, not supported by cloud platform)

  3. Project name (test), package (com.test)

  4. Finish

Java (Maven Build):

  1. Window > Preferences > Maven > Archetypes > Add Remote Catalog… 
    Catalog File:

  2. create as Maven project and when ask archtype search for Google and choose as required.

  3. For “hello world” Blank skeleton type web page: add index.jsp in source>main>webapp directory

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